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Choosing the Right Broker

1. Personal Fit 

The best results in any working relationships stem from trust. Talk to the broker to see whether you feel they are knowledgeable and trustworthy. You also need to feel comfortable opening up to them about all your personal and financial circumstances as they will be your consultant. 


2. Experience & Qualification

In every profession the quality of the job is determined by the individual's education & experience. The minimum standard for becoming a Broker in Australia is unfortunately very low so it's important to choose someone highly experienced, educated & qualified. 

3. Leading by example

A professional without a passion is merely just a worker. Find a broker that seems passionate about their clients, properties and finance. There are plenty of brokers that has never had a property, loan or investing experience themselves and merely process loans. 

4. Fees & Claw back

This is a controversial topic in our industry. However our business believes that if a broker is confident in the quality & value of their service, they should be confident that the client will not leave them. Therefore there should be no need for upfront fees or clawback as a standard course of business. 

5. Referral or Reviews

This is a great way to ensure the quality of a broker. Check other client reviews or receive referrals from your family or friends. Find a broker that cares about the small clients just as much as the big clients. This ensures his/her dedication is based on customer outcome, not money.